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9 Best Website Builders for Restaurants Reviewed (Spring 2023)

Having a website in the 21st century is a vital part of any business, especially in the service industry. The service industry revolves around people, and people like to know what they’re getting into. Consider how many times you go to google firefox or social media to research a new venue before you go. This is the same with restaurants. Some of the best restaurants in the world have used some of the best website builders for restaurants we’ve explored shown in this article. Having a website that invites potential and returning customers is a wonderful way to keep them coming back for more delicious food.

Make sure that it’s the right fit for the business. The article dives deep into each of these different website builders and their prominent features. More than that, we’ve highlighted the importance of features such as ease of use, templates, customization options, built-in tools, promotion, price, and overall design.

Name Nomination Overall rating

1. Flavor Plate

The restaurant has a delicious flavor and gorgeous plates, letting the Flavor Plate bring the customers

Editor’s Choice 9.9

2. Weebly

This is a classic website builder with thousands of positive reviews and satisfied customers. Weebly is a fantastic option

Premium Pick 9.8

3. Shopify

This is one of the most popular forms of online sales right now. Not only that, but its integrations are extremely impressive

Top Ecommerce Choice 9.7

4. WIX

The standard website does not disappoint. With a range of templates and page options, this is the perfect customizable website

Best Value 9.6

5. Square

Merge offline and online in a seamless eCommerce platform. Square has you covered for websites and pos systems

Highest Sales Potential 9.5

6. Squarespace

Don’t let this popular pick pass you by. This easy-to-use website builder has been gaining popularity among small businesses and freelancers

Popular Pick 9.3

7. GoDaddy

Evolving with the times, GoDaddy has been around since 1997. With this experience, you won’t be disappointed

Innovative Builder 9.0

8. Bluehost

Need blogging as a part of your website? Look no further. Bluehost is one of the best websites for blog integration on this list

Bloggers Choice 8.9

9. Zyro

Website building has never been easier while looking this good. Try out this beginner’s choice using one of their free trials

Beginner’s Choice 8.7

Top 9 Websites Builders for Restaurants Reviewed in Winter 2022


  • Starting price: free trial, from $39 per month
  • Templates: library
  • Modification: yes

More features: free design set up, employee-owned business, customer support

The restaurant industry runs on connecting people. Whether that’s business partners, longtime friends, beloved family, or even new acquaintances, there’s a restaurant out there perfect for what folks need. Make sure that they not only know about your restaurant but walk through your doors. Flavor Plate is known for its specialization in restaurants and the service industry.

Since we are looking for the best websites for restaurant owners, Flavor Plates are at the top of our list as a premium pick. Flavor Plate is one of the best website builders for any kind of restaurant you can imagine. There’s no restaurant concept outside of their range. Have a Mexican Italian fusion deli bar? A traveling ice creamery? A Pop-up popcorn shop? A plant-based BBQ joint? What about a fantasy-themed café? Flavor Plate provides a range of templates and designs to fit your specialized needs. With their 60-trial period, the risk is even shortened. Don’t waste time or worry, get started today!

Compared to others in this list, Flavor Plate has the advantage of being a website builder specifically for restaurants. We found that this is the website builder for restaurants. There’s no need to search through integration apps or templates to find one for restaurants. It’s as simple as finding exactly what you need quickly and easily. With dedicated customer support and a free design setup, you’re in good hands.

What we liked

  • Online Ordering
  • Gift Card Sales
  • Menu Management
  • Templates
  • Event Calendar
  • Built-in ADA Optimization

What could be better

  • Limited Features
  • Newer Website Platform


  • Starting price: free, $10, $12, or $26 per month
  • Templates: yes
  • Modification: yes

More features: step-by-step guidance, easy-to-customize, integrated marketing tools

Bringing people together is what restaurants are all about. That, and good food from sweet treats to salty beats. Make sure that people know about both. In the 21st century, the best way to be found and discovered is by being online. Using Weebly is a fantastic option for exactly that. There’s a high level of customizability, integration, and step-by-step help along the whole way. Don’t let a website stand in the way of success.

We understand the value of your dollar. Nominated as our best value option, Weebly has a range of pricing choices as well as a free version or as little as $10, $12, or $26 per month. Don’t let the price fool you, Weebly has a vast potential to give your restaurant the one it deserves. With over 30,000,000 customers worldwide, there’s a high degree of trust and respect for Weebly.

What makes Weebly stand apart is its abundance of integrations, ease of use, and wide range of professional template designs. All of these are at a very reasonable price point. Considering starting a business, even a small one, with limited space? That’s not a problem for Weebly in the slightest. Those who are just starting their business can and should use Weebly to get their business started.

What we liked:

  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Mobile App Management
  • Drag and Drop Tools
  • Easy to Use
  • Professional Templates
  • Customer Domain Names
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • SEO Tools
  • Blogging Options

What could be better:

  • Limited Features
  • No External Designer
  • No External Developer


  • Starting price: $29, $79, or 299 per month
  • Templates: yes
  • Modification: yes

More features: used word wide, has many themes, free trial, comes with an app store, online courses, help center

Show off all the assets of your business, from the service to the food to the venue to the atmosphere. A website is a fantastic way to show off who you are. With Shopify, there’s an endless number of possibilities. Used worldwide by businesses across the globe, this is a trusted platform for countless restaurants.

As one of the most prominent eCommerce platforms, Shopify is designed for online sales, eCommerce integrations, and so much more. This is the exact reason that this is our Top Ecommerce choice nomination. Don’t let your website be just a promotion. With Shopify, it’s even easier to sell products, rent space, supply gift cards, and so much more.

What makes Shopify stand out among the rest is its performance in product and service sales. This is an amazing possibility for those that sell products outside of the standard restaurant services. Want to send your patrons home with a specialty bottle of your world-famous barbecue sauce? Shopify makes it easy to sell products right to your customers no matter where they are in the world. Whether you’re selling your custom sliced meats, organic infused raw sugar, or authentic Italian pasta sauce, selling products and even perishables is a breeze.

What we liked:

  • Well-Designed Templates
  • Organized Online Shop
  • Ecommerce Integrations
  • Eye-Catching Designs
  • Amazing integration

What could be better:

  • Confusing about Where to Start
  • Awkward User Interface
  • Only Shopify’s Payment
  • Higher Pricing


  • Starting price: $16, $22, $27, or $45 per month
  • Templates: yes
  • Modification: yes

More features: enterprise-grade foundation, promotion instruments built with SEO in mind, accessibility tools

With a website builder like Wix, you’ve got a wealth of instruments, apps, and integrations on your hand. With a range of potential, there’s not much stopping you from creating the perfect website for your restaurant.

Unlike other website builders in the list, Wix focuses on the SEO aspect, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization. Given the SEO Option nomination, this is important for folks that heavily rely on their online presence. Restaurants that are off the beaten path, away from foot traffic, or require a bit more searching would benefit from a website through Wix. Search engine optimization is the most effective way to be found.

Not only can this builder create a beautiful website, but it can also make sure that you’re at the top of the search listings. We are impressed with the range of integrations, apps, and SEO-friendly template designs. Wix is sure to get your food found on the internet. Don’t worry about hiring a marketing expert or SEO professional. Wix makes it easy to take care of it yourself. The dashboard supplies updated information and statistics to show not only the number of views but where they’re looking. You’ll be able to get a deeper understanding of your clientele.

What we liked:

  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Custom Domain
  • Ecommerce Platform
  • Blog Options
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Design Consultation

What could be better:

  • Potentially Hectic
  • Ads on the Free Version
  • Domain Not Included
  • No Free Trial
  • No Forum Features
  • No Live Chat


  • Starting price: free, $29, $79 per month
  • Templates: yes
  • Modification: yes

More features: no startup costs

Bring your vision to life with Square. There’s a beautiful website to be created with this website builder. Not only is it a simple eCommerce platform, but it also does a lot of work for you. Automation is not the only thing this website builder is great for. It also accepts and manages orders from the website, your physical store, social media, and mobile orders. This is one of the best website builders for takeout restaurants as it integrates a lot of the financial range that you’d require for takeout. From the showroom to the stockroom, this is a fantastic feature for any business owner.

With the nomination for highest sales potential, the Square is well-loved and appreciated by many users. This is because of its integration throughout eh different points of sales that a restaurant can have. All your cash, debit, credit, and online transactions can be through the square program. Not only do you get a beautifully designed website, but you also get streamlined financial integration.

The advantage that Square has over other website creators is the integration with the real world in terms of point-of-sale terminals (POS). It may seem simple, but that means you’ll be able to accept a wide range of cash, debit, and credit without needing to include another form of payment. Everything can go through the Square.

What we liked:

  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Brand Email Campaign
  • Social Media Integration
  • Square Point of Sale
  • Sales Integration
  • Financial Paperwork

What could be better:

  • Lots of Moving Parts
  • It Сan Be an Overwhelming


  • Starting price: free trial, $16, $23, $27, $49 per month
  • Templates: yes
  • Modification: yes

More features: easy to customize, crafted by world-class designers, flexible, connected commerce tools

Whether your restaurant needs a portfolio, a blog, a webpage, or even just a simple online menu, there’s a template specifically for you. No matter how you want to connect with your customers, Squarespace makes it possible. With a high degree of visibility, you’ll be able to promote your restaurant’s menu, daily specials, holiday deals, special events, venue rentals, catering opportunities, and so much more.

Create your website to promote your business and your products using Squarespace. It’s a fantastic option for those that want a high degree of professionalism. With Squarespace, website creation is simple, easy, and satisfying. With industry-leading templates, professionally designed fonts, and aesthetic color palettes, it’s easy to create something that’s uniquely yours. Grow your online brand and business activities with an all-encompassing website.

Compared to the others on the list, Squarespace has been gaining popularity very quickly over the past few years. Not only have they been prominent on social media but also in the business world. Many content creators, freelancers, and similar business owners have been using Squarespace to market themselves and their products without unnecessary hassle. Join one of the most popular website builders of the year.

What we liked:

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Include Reservations
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Email Campaigns
  • Logo Tools
  • Customizability
  • Social Media Integrations
  • 24/7 Customer Support

What could be better:

  • Overwhelming
  • Limited Integrations
  • Limited Payment Options
  • No Free Plan


  • Starting price: $14.99, $24.99 per month
  • Templates: yes
  • Modification: yes

More features: designed with small business in mind, easy to use

Potential and new customers will check out your website before entering your doors or even getting close to your doors. Make sure that they have something to be excited about. Your website can be anything you are imaging. That may sound difficult, but with a website builder like GoDaddy, it’s a breeze.

Whether you’re selling your homegrown alfalfa or marketing the new double-decker salami sub, a website will be able to connect you to your hungry customers. With the potential for an online store, you’re not only providing information but products. Customers don’t even need to go to your doors to help support your business. The online store allows them to take their delicious favorites home without any problem at all.

What we noticed stands out about GoDaddy is its longstanding history as a high-quality and amazing website builder and host. GoDaddy is a prominent website-building platform trusted by millions of customers around the globe. Over 21 million entrepreneurs use GoDaddy to promote themselves and their businesses. Over the decades, GoDaddy has adapted to how the internet evolves. They continue to do so to bring you the most innovative assets for your business.

What we liked:

  • Custom Domains
  • Hosting Options
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Integrations
  • WordPress Integrations
  • Linux Hosting

What could be better:

  • Simple Features
  • No Free Plan


  • Starting price: $2.95, $9.95, $49.95 per month
  • Templates: yes
  • Modification: yes

More features: free SSL certificate, free domain, hosting included, email marketing

You’ve got the idea. You’ve got the passion. Now you just need the website. A website is one of the first steps to growing an online brand. Whether you’re looking to sell online, book reservations, or simply provide a contactless menu, and a website will make it easier to connect with your customers, suppliers, and vendors. Give a treat to your customer’s stomach and their eyes.

Tell your restaurant’s story to Bluehost. With a range of amazing templates, there is something that fits your brand’s message and aesthetic. Not only that, but this website builder is also known for its blogging integrations, improvements, and options. This means that you’ll be able to share the story of your passion and restaurant better than ever. Share behind-the-scenes stories. Explain the concepts behind your dishes. Publish a Q&A with all your employees. Share all of this and so much more with your customers. These stories will bring forth your brand’s personality. We love how many different opportunities there are for blogs in restaurant marketing. This platform makes it a breeze.

What makes Bluehost stand out is the blog section of their website builder. Not only are they recommended by WordPress as one of the top providers, but they’re also being picked as the 2021 PC Magazine Editors’ Choice for Web Hosting. With a high score from the trust pilot, they are a safe and secure option.

What we liked:

  • Blogging Capabilities
  • Marketing Integrations
  • Custom Domains
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Automated Security

What could be better:

  • Specifically for Blogging


  • Starting price: $11.99, $14.99 per month
  • Templates: yes
  • Modification: yes

More features: no-code builder, easy to use, 24/7 live customer support, free hosting

Starting a restaurant starts with a dream. This is a dream to make people smile with tasty food, a good atmosphere, and even better company. Make sure that this sentiment is shared on your website. Zyro makes it easy to design every feature of your website so it accurately reflects your brand image. Whether you own a gothic bubble tea shop, a bookstore coffee shop combo, or a ranch-style eatery, there’s a way to share that vision via your website.

Make a website as unique as your business. This is a powerful website creator that makes it simple and easy to create a stunning professional website. As the beginner’s choice, this is certainly a simple platform to use. Over 250,000 businesses have created stunning websites using this platform. Add your restaurant to that growing list of online businesses.

Unlike the others in this list, we noticed that this website-building platform doesn’t require any kind of coding. Many others have the option to provide more in-depth customization via HTML or python, but Zyro keeps it simple. This means that the creation, maintenance, and updating are fast and simple. This is one of the simplest and best website builders for small restaurants. When it comes to the bustling service industry, there’s no time to waste.

What we liked:

  • Easy to Create
  • Creative Templates
  • No Coding Required
  • Custom Domain
  • 24/7 Customer Service

What could be better:

  • Limited Customization
  • Few Integrations
  • Limited Features
  • Limited Blog Features

Things to Consider

Did you know that in 2020 36% of small businesses did not have a website at all? According to research done by Fundera, over a third of small businesses didn’t use a website. Not having one doesn’t erase you from the map, but it means you’re relying solely on foot traffic and word of mouth. Sometimes that’s not enough.

How to Choose a Website Builder for Your Restaurant?

When it comes to creating a website, the first step is finding a website builder. That’s much easier said than done. Trying to find the right website builder for you can be a hassle. There has been quite a substantial amount of research on the benefits of online networking and marketing as a service-based business. A website is one of the many ways that a company can benefit.

Important Features for Website Builders

A website is oftentimes the first thing that a person looks at when deciding where to eat. Consider the last time you were with friends and couldn’t decide on a place to eat. People search through local listings, news sites, online magazines, and food lovers’ blogs, and that’s just a few. Website visitors don’t last long on web pages. The average viewer only needs a half second to form an opinion from a webpage, as LinkedIn’s research has shown. It’s important to make a good impression. Being online means, you’re more likely to be found and chosen for a meal. Having a reliable website means you’ll get people’s attention.

The website answers a range of questions. What times are you open? What types of food do you serve? What’s your restaurant’s address? Do you have parking available for customers, or is it street parking? What ingredients are within your recipes? What makes this diner different from other diners in the neighborhood? What have other people said about the quality of the food? Is this site kid friendly? Does it serve alcohol? Is there live music or any kind of entertainment?

These are just a few of the questions that are answered by having a website. This is a fantastic tool for gaining and retaining customers. Stand out today by creating your very own stunning website. Unlike other businesses, such as shoe stores, restaurants have additional requirements such as reservations, menus, venue rentals, catering, and so much more. Each of those requires a slightly different tool or integration that a shoe store or boutique wouldn’t necessarily have or require.

Remember the vital website features to keep in mind, ease of use, templates, customization options, built-in tools, promotion, price, and overall design.

Ease of use

Ease of use is important. If a website builder isn’t easy to use, then it’s not going to be easy or worth it to maintain the website. All these builders have a learning curve to them. Some have a steeper learning curve than others. Ease of use doesn’t just include the building of the website but also the maintenance and updating. Many of these sites utilize reports and statistics, so you’re able to tweak your website in real time. Square supplies site activity, traffic reports, page views, unique visitors, abandoned carts, and unused coupons.


When it comes to creating a website alone, templates are the most straightforward way to create a beautiful website. Hands down, templates are the easiest. Not only are they simple, but they provide a high amount of precision and customization without additional time or costs.

Customization options

When it comes to a website for your business, it’s important to make sure that it matches your business. The aesthetic and the design of the website are a direct reflection of the style and atmosphere of the restaurant’s physical location. This is the atmosphere that people expect when they walk through the doors. This can be a powerful form of advertising, or it can be a hindrance to your bottom line.

Themes are an amazing way to get started. Wix, for example, has hundreds of templates available for customization. Weebly, on the other hand, only has 40 options to choose from. Most of the list, except for Zyro, has a level of code customization available. The benefit of code options is that you can increase the customization. However, it can be complicated as one wrong change, and your website could crash.

In-built tools

The inbuilt tools provided by these website builders make it a breeze to create, update and maintain a website. These tools help update and maintain your website. Finding the right tools can be an adventure in and of itself. Consider the tools that you would need for an online representation of your restaurant. Does your restaurant need a website builder for restaurant reviews, venue rentals, contactless menus, or even live music networking? These are the things to consider while looking at these website-building platforms.

Promotion helps

There are many synonyms for promotion, networking, marketing, advertising, merchandising, commerce, and so much more. All these terms mean getting the business and its message out there. This is a way to connect not only with customers but potential business partners, collaborators, influencers, and future employees. There are a few of these website builders with built-in tools, as we discussed previously. Some tools are meant to integrate with social media platforms, local search engines, hyperlocal listings, and online databases.


Unfortunately, price is a factor when it comes to creating and maintaining a website. Many of these options provide a free version with limited features. If those features encompass everything that’s needed for the website, then it works perfectly. It will take some time to find the website builder that is appropriate for your business.

There is a range in prices depending on the restaurant and its online requirements. Many businesses don’t have the funds to put hundreds of dollars into a website. Some businesses don’t even have a hundred dollars to get started. There is nothing wrong with that. Many of the website builders in this list have free versions or free trials to get you started. Squarespace and GoDaddy both have a free trial version but no free versions. Wix has a free plan that’s able to be used with amazing features.

Overall Design

Ironically, you expect a website-building platform to have an informative website. This is a major feature that inspires confidence in their users. Let us look at WIX specifically. Their overall design, when it comes to the look of their website, is innovative and intriguing. Not only do they promote all their features and plans in an easy-to-find location, but the rest of the page is eye-catching. There’s certainly some inspiration to be found for your website on the WIX homepage.


How to make your website?

Although it can be a daunting task, it starts with figuring out what you want from a website. Have an idea before attempting to create one. Once you have a plan or even a layout idea for the website, choose your website builder. This list provided is a wonderful place to start your research.

What do you need to have on your restaurant’s website?

That greatly depends on what your restaurant requires. Think about what you would offer a customer that walks in your door. Do they need a reservation? Do you give them a menu? Do they need directions to your restaurant? Is there public transit nearby? Consider the questions they may have and have the answers on the website.

How to manage your restaurant’s website? Do you need to hire someone for it?

Not necessarily. Once you have set up your website, there will be regular maintenance, even if it’s just as simple as updating the menu or the website’s photos. If there are continuous or regular changes, like daily specials, live music, events, a calendar, or rentals, there would need to be more attention paid to updating the website. Consider the time that it would take to update those regularly. Can you take on that time without burning out? If the answer is no, then hiring someone is your best bet.

Our Verdict

The best website builder for restaurants depends on what you need from the website builders. We’ve delved into what’s needed from a website and highlighted the features and options you should keep in mind. For those that are looking for a simple yet effective website creator, our editor’s choice is a fantastic choice. Weebly puts the power in your hands to create something wonderful.

For those that don’t mind a bit of creative work for a lower price, our best value option, WIX, gives the best bang for your dollar. For those that require a more specialized and restaurant-specific website builder, then Flavor Plate, our Premium Choice, is the best pick. Take your business into your own hands and create something that embodies the restaurant itself with our list of best website builders for restaurants.