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We know service is everything so here's just a small sample of what our customers are saying about our outstanding customer service and support team.  

Jennie A. Customer Care

tammy always helps me withe the Technical info that I do not fully know! Thanks tammy!
Charlene B. Customer Care

I wouldn't have been able to do this without her support from your company. Have used Network Solutions for years, and for years I've had problems and no one to help. Great service, I will recommend
Andrew J. Customer Care

Sharon took care of my problem and went beyond my expectations.
Leif E. Customer Care

Nick did a great job of explaining and walking me through what I needed to do to get the results I was looking for.
Peter D. Customer Care

Fantastic customer service from Brandi... 10 out of 10... I am very pleases with her knowledge....Thank you Brandi!!!!
Richard D. Customer Care

Gaby is always so very professional in my contacts with her. It is really a pleasure in getting her assistance.
Timothy L. Customer Care

She was extremely helpful and friendly and went above and beyond what I asked her to do.
Willie F. Customer Care

I enjoyed working with Starla. She was very professional and courteous. I learned how to embed videos and create links to my site!!!! Awesome stuff! Thanks Starla!
Chris G. Customer Care

Bruno did a great job, I got the answers I needed quickly!

Irene W. Customer Care

As always Francesco was extremely helpful. I went live with my site today and realized when creating the pages I had done something incorrect. Francesco immediately knew what the problem was. Within a short time he had fixed the problems. I greatly appreciate woking with him.
Willie F. Customer Care

Michaele was an excellent!!! I am getting spoiled by the support that I am receiving from the Help Desk. Michaele was very warm, friendly, and concerned. You guys are making it hard for me to have a! Michaele breath of knowledge was very extensive. I wouldn't mind working with her again. Thanks for hiring Michaele.
Calleen W. Customer Care

Kevin has been incredibly helpful, polite, and knows a great deal about the product. He researched ways to help me further, and even set up a call-back in order to correct the problem without my having to hang on the line.
Gary W. Customer Care

Holly is absolutely stellar. Her tenacity and methods used in trying to retain me as a customer is truly commendable. You are fortunate to have her on your team.
Irene W. Customer Care

As always Francesco was excellent. I have worked with him before and I requested him this time. He is such a pleasure to work with, very professional and well qualified.


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