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Today when you leave your home and head out to wherever you're going what are the chances you'll see someone talking on their mobile phone?  Or when you're in a public place what are the chances you'll see someone accessing the internet on their mobile phone?  Let's face it in today's world people want information now!  They don't want to wait until they get home or to work to search for something. They want to know now.  

This is why a mobile website is so important to your business.  Think about it.  How frustrating is it to go online with your mobile device and see print so small you can't read it?

 And when you try to  navigate around the website  you're on you hit every tab  except the one you want to  hit. How long do you think  people are going to stay on  that website knowing that  there are other websites  they can visit that are      configured for their mobile  device?  Websites that have the very products/services you sell!  

As if this isn't enough check out these mind boggling statistcs on the rise of mobile phone searches:


  • 31% of mobile internet users mostly go online using cell phones
  • 35 percent of smartphone owners expect to access the Internet using their phone more in the future
  • The number of local searches on mobile devices quadrupled in 2012
  • Of the estimated 30 billion annual mobile searches, about 12 billion are local searches 
  • Local mobile searches (85.9 billion) are projected to exceed desktop searches (84 billion) for the fist time in 2015 
  • 77 percent of mobile searches occur at home or work—even if a PC is nearby and readily available
  • 80 percent of smartphone owners use their device in stores to shop
  • 81 percent of people prefer mobile for its convenience and speed

At Moneynet Marketing we provide our customers with a mobile website that has all the latest features and tools your business needs.   Based in Richmond, VA but we do service all of VA.  

Small Business Mobile Website

Small Business Mobile Website

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